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Exclusive tours for Small Groups

Attention to every detail

Since we wish to take care of our customers personally, right from when you get in touch with us and throughout the entire trip, we prefer to take care of just a few participants.

We personally take care of each phase, both during the organization stage and the tour itself, studying the best routes, providing support, interacting with the cyclist on the road at all times: this is a new and original approach that allows us to offer high standards of service and to ensure full and complete reliability for a carefree vacation.

Holidays with friends

Photo book & welcome kit

Bike & E-Roadbike rent

Feel like a Champion

We take care of you!

Bike guide & technical assistance


From home... to "Road Bike"

We personally provide your transfer from the nearest station/airport to the Hotel. During the tour, in addition, to ensuring technical assistance, our minibus transfers our luggages between the hotels. And when the tour is over, all together we move to the city where the bike tour started.


Feel like Home ♥

We choose our hotels after a really thorough research. We require the maximum standard of quality: comfort, cleaning and the kindest staff. We decide only after a personal stay, just the best hotels become our partner.

Bike rental

Rent the perfect bike for you

We know, some time it’s an hard task to bring your own bike from abroad. That’s why we set up a bike rental service! Our bikes are available in all the sizes, we can fit a perfect bike for you.


Enjoy your Break!

Italy is the richest country in the world for variety of recipes and dishes. Choosing among this huge number of restaurants is a really hard task. At first we gather the best reviews; then, we verify that the restaurant can offer typical local dishes and a rich choice of wines and, at the end, we personally have a dinner as customers. Only after the restaurant has passed positively our exam they became “our restaurants”!

The choice of the best hotels and agritourisms, where you can enjoy delicious local dishes, dinners at acclaimed restaurants and pleasant evenings with the rest of the group and your Italian guide, who speaks excellent English, will be the background to this unique and unforgettable experience, and ensure that you get a taste of the real Italy, which ordinary larger tour companies cannot provide.


Our assistance for all your needs

The constant presence of a minibus, both for the transport of your luggage, and for any type of assistance that may be required, and the presence of a technical guide cycling alongside you, guarantee customer satisfaction and confidence.

Bike Fit

We ensure a perfect Bike fit!

Road Bike Tour Italy provides a Bike Fitting Service: filling out this form you’ll find a perfect bike, exactly like yours. When you arrive for the trip, our guides are ready to make the final adjustments, for a perfect fit and comfortable ride.

Would you like a more direct contact with our team? Feel free to reach out!

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