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Road Bike Tours Italy was set up thanks to a desire to share our appreciation of the beautiful landscapes, history and culture which Italy offers together with a passion for cycling.

To ensure optimal service, Road Bike Tours Italy is totally focused on attention to detail to provide the very best cycling holiday experience. So we’ve chosen to organize bike tours only for small groups (min. 4/max. 7 persons). Since we wish to take care of our customers personally, right from when you get in touch with us and throughout the entire trip, we prefer to personalize our attention by taking care of just a few participants, creating a relaxed and friendly group.


We are local...but also global!

Our guides are Italian local experts and speak English perfectly.

Tour Guide

Luca Ruggeri

Founder & Tour Guide

Luca was born and grew up in the heart of the Alps, surrounded by the most famous Alpine Passes: Mortirolo, Gavia, Stelvio. This spectacular natural environment was the background to his passion for all types of cycling.

Mountaineer and climber, since 1997 he has worked as a volunteer and provided technical assistance with the National Alpine Rescue Corps; he was Head of the Edolo team for 3 years. In 2007 he qualified as Mountain Bike Instructor and Guide and has taken part in numerous competitions in road cycling, mountain biking and enduro biking.

He has gained considerable experience as guide/tour manager traveling throughout Europe, Canada and North Africa but, due to previous work experience and for personal interest he has a far-reaching and detailed knowledge of the roads, highways and byways of Italy where he has been travelling by car, by motorbike, by mountain bike and in particular by road bike all his life.

Within the team he deals with choosing routes, preferring, where possible, picturesque roads with less traffic and the provision of any technical assistance and repairs required to make sure you face each day’s ride full of confidence. His goal is to make your tour enjoyable and memorable.

Tour Guide

Riccardo Perlotti

Tour Guide

50 years old, married, three daughters, passionate about riding since I was young. When I was young my holidays were by bike, so, I took my bag, tent and sleeping bag and went to see the world. I have been to Corsica, Austria, Croazia, Sardinia, Dolomiten Alps and lake Garda, always with my girlfriend, now my wife.

Cycle tourism is the best way to visit new places, because you can perceive the morphology of the landscapes around you, feeling the flow of the time and the day like anything else, I feel part of the world, and nothing is better than to start the day on my bike.

My family grew (we became 5) so I stopped for a few years cycle tourism, and I have started to do randonneur, always with the spirit of travel and discovery, I did 2 Paris Brest Paris, Valtellina Extreme Brevet and many others brevets of 200, 300, 400, and 600 Kilometers… the excuse to get on the saddle and travel independently to discover new places and people with the same passion. I think that none of our small daily sufferings resist a good ride.

My dream life? A world tour by bike ! Maybe one day!

Team Member

Sandra Duran

Team Member, US Office

I’m Sandra from Orange County, California. A sport enthusiast with a zest for life, traveling, food and adventure.

Ever since I first hopped on a bike as a kid, I’ve been hooked on the thrill of the ride and the freedom it brings. Whether I’m tackling challenging trails or cruising through picturesque roads, cycling is my ultimate passion and escape. My dream has always been to cycle through the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, so what better then to work with the best cycling company and team in Italy!

But my love for adventure doesn’t stop there. I have an insatiable wanderlust, and Italy holds a special place in my heart. From the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany to the bustling streets of Rome, I’ve explored many corners of this beautiful country and fallen head over heels for its rich culture, delectable cuisine, and warm hospitality. When I’m not on two wheels or indulging in homemade pasta and gelato, you can find me exploring new hiking trails, running, practicing yoga or simply soaking up the sun with a good book in hand.

Ready to experience a vacation filled with cycling, adventure, breathtaking views, amazing food and wine in Italy? Reach out to me – I’m happy to answer your questions and book your dream vacation.
A presto!

Tour Guide

Nicola Gaffurini

Tour Guide

33 years old, was Born and grew up on Lake Garda. Pro cyclist from 2014 to 2019, now he Is still a bike lover.

He likes ride his bike with his girlfriend (who loves bike too) and they do a lot of long rides together, also some Granfondo around italy. There is nothing better than ride with friends,  and every customer become a friend during the ride.

His goal is to show how beautiful is our country, and by bike is the best solution!

Tour Guide

Roberto Ferrari

Tour Guide

40 years old and dad of two sons. Tour Guide, was born and grew up on Lake Garda area.

All his life is on a bike, from 6years old he wanted to become a pro cyclist. Dream comes true in 2007 and he was pro cyclist until 2019. Winner of 12 pro races, including One stage of Giro d’Italia 2012.

After a lot of years of races around the world, his goal is enjoying bike without the stress of the race, only riding with smile and look our beautiful italian landscapes. Do it with customers that want to enjoy their holiday in this way is a dream come true.

From 2020 is a cycling guide and from 2021 he is part of Road Bike Tour Italy’s family.

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